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beer festival 2003

PROLOGUE, and much more, kindly contributed by CH and AH

Mr M L (known to most but perhaps not all) became an Old Git on 13 August - this calls for a pissup;

I became an Old Git on 25 May - this does too;
The Frocester Beer Festival is on Saturday 23 August   . . . . . . . . . 


small20.jpg (18635 bytes)20

You can either buy beer tokens or  ......  

small21.jpg (18436 bytes)21

.....  win them if you're strong enough!

small08.jpg (11895 bytes)08

Anybody try to lift that hammer?

small07.jpg (12293 bytes)07

Well we know somebody who did and ....

small06.jpg (16921 bytes)06

........  he'll be lucky if he ever recovers!

small10.jpg (13395 bytes)10

I told him "Just BUY the tokens like everybody else"

small13.jpg (12701 bytes)13

I dunno, fathers. Don't they always let you down. 

small18.jpg (11254 bytes)18

Well, being an Old Git's pretty enjoyable so far. 

small11.jpg (14166 bytes)11

Do you think I really should model the T-shirt?

small14.jpg (11709 bytes)14

Yes, but on the other hand ....

small17.jpg (11600 bytes)17

Oh, alright, go on then. By the way, what's DILLIGAF?


small15.jpg (10929 bytes)15

Damn, It Looks Like I'm GonnA Fart!

small12.jpg (11724 bytes)12

Isn't it always the same. Yer spend hours deciding what yer gonna choose, then they run out.

smallcropd16.jpg (11700 bytes)16

Cracked it. First bartender who knows what DILLIGAF means gets my custom.

small22.jpg (17001 bytes)22

Banned. Well if that's the case, we'll be off then.

Anybody any ideas?

small24.jpg (13046 bytes)24

Apparently this is what we're looking for.

small25.jpg (17681 bytes)25

I'm going that way. Want a lift?

small27.jpg (17506 bytes)27

The calm before the barbecue.

small28.jpg (11869 bytes)28

And another thing. That's the first and last time I make that journey on Beer Festival day! 

small29.jpg (10564 bytes)29

Well, I suppose it's time to serve coffee. Ah, a hostess's work is never done. I wonder whether anyone's noticed.


small30.jpg (11471 bytes)30

That was a lovely meal. I bet the hostess's tired after all that work. Meanwhile, the host tries to remember what dilligaf means.


Well if that's all they can talk about, I'm getting on with some really important colouring!




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