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images 2003jun A
Leaving Plymouth 1.JPG (24608 bytes)LP1

Isn't it good to be leaving Plymouth again? And no angry whales either. 

Leaving Plymouth 2.JPG (18210 bytes)LP2

Yes it is good. But next time could you fix the engine first. It's quite hard work turning this winch/propellor lash-up.

Leaving Plymouth 3.JPG (29484 bytes)LP3

Anybody else want a go? 

Leaving Plymouth 4.JPG (26735 bytes)LP4

This instrument shows that since I took the wheel, knots=zero. Funny that! 

Leaving Plymouth 5.JPG (15397 bytes)LP5

Did you hear what he said?

"Right if those clowns are coming out, I'm going in"

Leaving Plymouth 6.JPG (22631 bytes)LP6

I bet the other lot are really jealous that they don't have to keep pumping the water out.

Arriving Trebeurden.JPG (20102 bytes)AT

You mean we came all that way just for this?

Life on Le Trek 1.JPG (24744 bytes)LOLT1

World Premier! Le Trek opens for visiting Hello Magazine cameraman.

Life on Le Trek 2.JPG (22127 bytes)LOLT2

Couldn't give a monkeys who he is. 

Life on Le Trek 3.JPG (22042 bytes)LOLT3

Well I'm tidying up a bit anyway. Don't want the wife to see the odd bits of mostly male underwear scattered about. 

Boats in there somewhere.JPG (29208 bytes)BITS

Could we have a nice photo to end this page? Thanks, that'll do. 

No awning.JPG (32676 bytes)NA

I said THAT'LL DO! 

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