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Trebeurden 1.JPG (34750 bytes)T1

The following day, it was a great disappointment to discover no flags and bunting had been put up by the townspeople, who also were not there cheering.  

Trebeurden at leisure.JPG (29200 bytes)TAL

Well I'm knackered after all that awning wrestling.

Me too.

Trebeurden nosh 1.JPG (21575 bytes)TN1

I find eating and drinking is always a good way to forget bitter disappointment! 

Trebeurden nosh 2.JPG (28745 bytes)TN2

A rare glimpse of food not yet eaten. 

More awning 3.JPG (26164 bytes)MA3

Could have sworn I'd fixed this awning earlier. 

More awning 5.JPG (24178 bytes)MA5

I dunno. If yer want something done properly, do it yerself.

More awning 2.JPG (17813 bytes)MA2

That's enough awnings - Ed.

British mackerel 1.JPG (25615 bytes)BM1

Alright, let's bore 'em with mackerel.

British mackerel 2.JPG (23395 bytes)BM2

More mackerel.

French mackerel.JPG (23621 bytes)FM

Real French mackerel - all lovingly hand caught. It was these very examples that started the most recent French/English Mackerel Wars .... 

Alan scavenging for food.JPG (34669 bytes)ASFF

Right, woddyasay next year we teach Alan that you can actually find quite edible food in tins and packets as well as under rocks? 

Le Trek water leak.JPG (24581 bytes)LTWL

Wait a minute, was the grommet attached to the cyclic bracket and separated from the electro-inductive water detector, OR, was it the gas canister locking screw pressure that needs to be calibrated BEFORE connecting the safety spring to the grapple lever as a precaution??  

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