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Sinister French cloud.JPG (18888 bytes)SFC

Actually we left France because it was time to go, NOT, repeat NOT, because we saw some 'orrible weather on its way.

More awning 4.JPG (18079 bytes)MA4

Oooo, what a troublesome scamp that awning was.

More awning 6.JPG (22621 bytes)MA6

(Do you think I got away with all the duplicate awning photos?) 

Sound reception party.JPG (13783 bytes)SRP

Was this a sound reception party, or a reception party in The Sound? 

Acquiesce storms past Le Trek into Plymouth.JPG (12719 bytes)ASPLTIP

Just as you'd worked out the key to the photo ID code, Acquiesce storms past Le Trek into Plymouth!

Funny, seem to have got back earlier than usual ie. before the last 7 photos were taken!




Tell a lie. Just received four more from Skipper, several weeks late. Obviously deeply affected by the whole voyage and only just plucked up courage to look at his photos again. Wonder why .....

letreksailssetsm.JPG (11430 bytes)LTSS

Le Trek trying hard to out-manoeuvre a passing pigeon

pigeonstowawaysm.JPG (16348 bytes)PSA

Pigeon wins!

afrugalmealsm.JPG (17795 bytes)AFM

Roast pigeon going down well with Brie and Camembert


metbythenavysm.JPG (12658 bytes)MBTN

RSPCA gun ship approaching, with crew of seventeen Plymouth Racing Pigeon Society members in angry mood. Skipper decides to throw what's left of carcass overboard and feign innocence. (Obviously didn't work, as Skipper got 5 weeks behind bars which explains delay in publishing pictures!)

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