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Shells of a type not found in Trebeurden 

Acquiesce reception 1.JPG (27112 bytes)AR1

Right, now we've arrived, let's invite those on the other boat to a grand reception. No expense spared. We'll even open the bag of crisps and the bottle of fizzy water!

Acquiesce reception 2.JPG (32351 bytes)AR2

Gosh, this fizzy water tastes wonderful. (Wonder what they did with the bilge water ....) 

Acquiesce reception 3.JPG (27649 bytes)AR3

Go on Ted, just one crisp won't do any harm. 

Jock on the way up.JPG (28738 bytes)JOWU

Come back Jock! We didn't mean it! 

Jock at the top.JPG (16048 bytes)JAT

Well if both boats are going to leave me behind, I'm going to make sure I'm lashed to something solid.

Le Trek reception 1.JPG (35994 bytes)LR1

Don't admit anything, but do you think they've noticed that our reception was not quite as lavish as theirs?

Le Trek reception 2.JPG (29893 bytes)LR2

Nah, they just have different coloured and squashy crisps, and their fizzy water has a bit more fizz.

Awning 1.JPG (21274 bytes)A1

I know it took all week to get this awning up, but I've a distinct feeling that twenty seven pictures of us doing it are not going to command the attention they deserve. 

Awning 2.JPG (14637 bytes)A2

Well I think you're wrong! 

Two crew nosh.JPG (28428 bytes)TCN

In an effort to regain the culinary respect of the second crew, the first took them out for a slap up proper French crisps and fizzy water meal.

Trebeurden sunset.JPG (15815 bytes)TS

As the sun sets over Trebeurden, a grateful town gives thanks for the visit of not one, but two, sets of ambassadors from across the great divide.

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