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You never know, it's remotely possible that something else interesting might materialise before 2004! But then again . . . . . . . . . . .

Ahaa. Thought that might happen. So here we have a look at Newton Ferrers in August.

Yes that very same location where the Coastguard made us promise never to appear again, especially with Stan. So we left him behind and just to be safe, we used a different boat (Le Trek again, so very different).  


sm095521aa.jpg (9657 bytes)955

Yes, you're right. Did think about taking the ferry but in the end decided to risk Le Trek again.

sm120332aa.jpg (18296 bytes)1203

Thought I'd better buy a postcard in case the old camera filled with bilge water.

sm123523aa.jpg (15943 bytes)1235

Unlike last time, quite bereft of eye catching subject matter of a female persuasion  .....

sm133341aa.jpg (18339 bytes)1333

Could be because we had to leave Stan behind. 

sm135226aa.jpg (14789 bytes)1352

Showing off the new fender. Do you like it? (Hope nobody notices the anchor chain rubbing a hole in the bows.)

sm165541aa.jpg (16800 bytes)1655

Well, bows seem OK so far .... Not too much sloshing coming from the bilge; about the same as usual. Must get the wellies out.

sm165619aa.jpg (16306 bytes)1656

Oh bugger, here comes the Coastguard;  gotta do something quick.

sm202957aa.jpg (15457 bytes)2030

This is going to be hard. No choice but to abandon ship and ......

sm212825aa.jpg (6131 bytes)2128

.....  head back to home port in a less conspicuous vessel under cover of darkness. At least yer feet don't get wet in this one!

And Tony points out an added bonus - this could dramatically cut the cost of next year's charter!!!


16/09/03  This just appeared as if from nowhere! Scary, eh?

sm1of4.JPG (14351 bytes)then this sm3of4.JPG (12159 bytes)and this
smfow.JPG (11511 bytes)and this smpolruan.JPG (10283 bytes)and this
    .......   even though it looks like Fowey and Polruan, I think there's something really spooky going on. I mean, would you come as a traffic light?


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